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Shabbat UK 2022

We have had a lovely week at school building up to Shabbat UK!

The children enjoyed the Shabbat Island activities organized by SEED.

Reception and Year 3 enjoyed making Challot this week and we hope to make Challot with more classes over this term.

Both the Secular and Kodesh team worked together this week to produce incredible pieces of Shabbat themed art with every class. Every class had a different Shabbat focus for their art. This was initiated by Tribe and many Jewish schools took part. Reception made clay candle holders, Year 1 made candle lighting sunset paintings, Year 2 made Challah covers, Year 3 produced a sketch of Golders Green Synagogue, Year 4 painted Kiddush cups with a sunset background, Year 5 made beautiful Havdallah pictures and Year 6 made incredible watercolor paintings of the days of creation.


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