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At Rimon, academic excellence for all is a central aim. Through a creative and engaging curriculum which is built around phases of learning, we aim to develop intellectual curiosity, independence of mind and critical thought. Pupils are encouraged to make a meaningful contribution to their global society, respect the environment and gain an understanding and appreciation of their social responsibility. 

Learning happens all the time and everywhere during a childhood - at home, at school and daily through the wider community in which they live.  In school, learning takes place through a range of carefully planned activities from whole class teaching, to group and individual work, indoor and outdoor play, child-initiated activities, school trips, visits and enrichment activities. 

Our Innovative Retrieval Programme

Rimon has introduced an innovative retrieval programme through which children are taught and guided to retain and apply knowledge and skills for years to come.

Rimon classroom, London

"It is clear that pupils are making strong progress in all year groups. This is largely due to the implementation of a strong curriculum and effective teaching." 

OFSTED, 2018

 Social and Emotional Wellbeing 

Social and Emotional

At Rimon, Social and Emotional well-being is part of the daily life of and also taught through the PSHE curriculum. We believe that, in order for children to thrive socially, emotionally and academically, they need to feel safe and happy and the staff at Rimon are dedicated to creating this optimal environment for the successful social and academic learning for all the children in their care.

We use an Emotion Coaching approach which supports and nurtures every child as an individual and works incredibly successfully alongside the school's robust Behaviour Policy. 

At Rimon, you will expect to see:

  • children smiling & being kind to one another

  • adults & children interacting in a positive way

  • the use of Emotion Coaching language from both adults & children

  • children role modelling to others

  • genuine pride in their own achivements as well as in their school as a whole


“In all year groups, pupils learn about other faiths and cultures; they demonstrate admirable tolerance and understanding of difference, often with a maturity beyond their years.”

OFSTED, 2018



In addition to more traditional academic subjects, Rimon pupils enjoy a diverse and creative enrichment programme. This includes a variety of lunch time and after school clubs (football, ballet, chess, yoga, drama, French, tap etc) regular, exciting school trips, residential trips and an array of visiting performers and speakers who come to the school to teach, inspire and entertain the children.


This is in addition to all of the many charitable causes that the school supports, ensuring always, that the children understand the meaning behind their acts of kindness.  From collecting for local food banks to singing at an old age home and supporting Mitzvah Day, Rimon children understand the importance of giving back to their community and making a difference to others. 

Rimon also has an excellent After School Provision (Monday - Thursday until 6pm) to support working parents. 


“The school motto of Wisdom, Knowledge and Joy means that staff are dedicated and fully committed to ensuring that all children at Rimon are happy and well-educated young people, equipped with the skills and thirst for learning to continue their Kodesh studies within, beyond and outside school.”

Pikuach, 2018



PE and extra curricular sporting activity is central to Rimon life and enjoyed from Reception to Year 6.  The children have two PE lessons per week, there is a weekly running club led by the Headteacher, Mrs Simmons, and we have school teams competing regularly in inter-school competitions, with significant success in football, netball and cross-country. 


 British Values 

British Values

The DfE wants all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

At Rimon these values are reinforced regularly and in the following ways.


Children at Rimon have many opportunities for their voices to be heard. We have a school council which meets regularly to discuss important school issues, raised by pupils. Recently pupils helped to decide how to spend a portion of money raised by the PTA to improve their school playground.

The Rule of Law

Pupils are taught the value and reasons behind laws, that they govern and protect us, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken. Visits from the police and trips to the Fire Service help reinforce this message.


Mutual Respect

Children learn that their behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others. It is expected that all members of the school community will treat each other with respect.  Pupils also develop a respect of others through engaging in charitable work during the academic year. 


Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

As a Modern Orthodox Jewish School, we place a great emphasis on promoting diversity with the children. Our RE, PSHE and Topics reinforce this.

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