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Special Educational Needs

Rimon takes pride in its culture of nurturing and caring for all children.  We place inclusion and belonging at the heart of the school culture and practice.


We celebrate differences and the achievements of those with specific or additional needs or particular abilities and we value individuality by actively seeking to remove any barriers to learning and engagement that can hinder or exclude individual pupils or groups of pupils.


Our priority is to ensure that all children experience high quality teaching in the classroom and across the wider curriculum, whatever their starting point. 


Additional or specific needs are swiftly identified and appropriate provision is planned for so that each child can access the National Curriculum in a way that will support them to learn and make good progress. This provision is regularly reviewed and adapted so that a balance of support and challenge is achieved as children's needs change. Teachers and other staff work in partnership with parents so that a child's needs are fully understood and supported. 


Rimon also works collaboratively with external agencies and professionals that can offer specialist advice or provision.  We strongly believe in the 'voice' of the child and we aim to involve children in decisions made about their learning and what can be put in place to support them.

The Rimon Nurture Room – a groundbreaking approach

In 2020 we launched the Rimon Nurture Room, the first of its kind in Barnet. This is a safe and supportive space in which children with additional or specific needs can work closely with dedicated and trained members of staff outside of the classroom environment.


This unique offering enables teachers and support staff to give all children the time, space and attention that they need to succeed at school and beyond. 

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