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We deliver a broad and balanced Kodesh programme, designed to encompass both formal Jewish education as well as experiential hands on learning. We pride ourselves on delivering an ambitious formal curriculum that varies in technique across subjects, keeping the children motivated and catering for children with a range of learning styles.


We are proud of our enriched and creative curriculum that also involves, singing, dancing, art and drama. We have singing assemblies leading up to the Chagim, dancing sessions on special days in the Jewish calendar, plays that the children put on for their parents and Kodesh and Israel themed Art Days. 

The children have a true love and enthusiasm for Kodesh, but more importantly, the teaching instils in them a love for their Jewish heritage. This is what the children remember and take with them as they continue on their journeys, proud of their Jewish identities because of such experiences. 


As a school we aim to strengthen the children’s connection to their heritage and to Israel as well as supporting the children’s understanding of their responsibility within society and to the world. 

Click here to read the 2023/24 Whole School Kodesh Curriculum Plans


“The emphasis on Kodesh pervades the school atmosphere, but it influences rather than insists. It is the heart and soul of the school.” 
Rimon parent

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