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Rimon shines at Barnet Schools Music Festival

On Tuesday 20 June, Year 4 performed at the Barnet Schools Music Festival at the artsdepot in North Finchley, alongside six other schools. Their singing was amazing! They were some of the youngest children performing and their confidence really shone through in their singing.

Thank you to Mrs Elliott for preparing the pupils so well and to Mr Samuels and Mr Bronson for their support throughout the preparation period.

Mrs Elliott said: "The performance was a real celebration of children across schools making connections through music and I know one of the highlights for Rimon was listening to other schools' individual songs - and also performing our own song, 'Firework'. I am incredibly proud of the whole class and the way they have committed to lots of rehearsing at school, learning and perfecting words and harmonies."

Here are some quotes from some of the children who participated:

'I learned to express my voice' 'I have learned that I can perform confidently' 'My favourite part was walking onto the stage to perform' 'I learned what harmony sounds like' 'I liked how it brought lots of schools together' Congratulations to all those who took part and made Rimon proud.


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