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Explorer Visits Rimon

Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to be visited by an explorer named James Ketchell who came into school to do a presentation for the whole school about all his incredible adventures.

They started when he fell off his motorcycle while racing and ended up in hospital. His lifelong dream was to sail across the Atlantic ocean and while he was in hospital he decided to do just that once he had recovered.

It took 110 days to finish sailing and then he decided to climb Mount Everest with his friend. After he reached the summit, James got pneumonia and ended back up in hospital. When he got out he met a man called Ash, who got cancer at age 19 and almost died. Ash's lifelong dream was to sail across the Indian Ocean so he asked James to come with him.

James wasn't so confident that they could do it but after hearing Ash’s sentimental story he was inspired to give it a go. They set sail but while they were only halfway across a huge storm brewed and their boat capsized! Ash got knocked unconscious and they had to call for help. When the rescue boat came James boarded while Ash got dragged up. Although they failed, James still decided to do another mission.

His next goal was to cycle around the world with his cheap, second-hand bike. Meeting new people he travelled around the world. When he got back he was eager to learn how to navigate a gyrocopter. Again he set off to fly around the world. Under the Golden Gate Bridge, above the clouds and over the snowy mountains of Russia he soared.

He has spent the past few years going to schools, like Rimon, around the world shaping young minds to reach for the stars. He told us that his next goal was to sail around the world and ski over Greenland. We took from this assembly that you should try to accomplish your goals even if you are told that you can’t.

By: Noa S, Eliana, Adva and Emilie (Year 6)

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