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James Ketchell Satellite call: 11/5/22

"Yesterday we went on a phone call with the fantastic and inspiring James Ketchell, all the way from Greenland. He was trying to get across Greenland by skiing to raise money for a charity. (He is travelling in freezing conditions such as sleeping in a wet sleeping bag at night in under -20 degrees!)

We looked at his page online to track where he was and the contour lines were on the map to show how steep the mountains are! On the phone call he said he sleeps in a tent with other people and had to use a satellite call for the phone call because there would have been no internet there. He has to wake up early every day to continue his journey. James said he was calling us whilst having two pairs of gloves on and then after he was going to put on another pair – this was to show us how freezing the conditions were.

Every morning he wakes up, packs everything he needs and then carries it, and it can get very heavy. He is doing very well and we should all cheer him on!

He is very resilient for doing all of this because if you think about it, would you?"

Written by Year 5 Pupil


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