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Maths Week at Rimon

The children have enjoyed participating in a wide range of maths activities throughout the week, including maths stories, games lesson and playing in the Times Table Rockstars competition. Classes also looked at artists, such as Paul Klee, identifying the use of shapes in their pictures. We have seen some fabulous maths learning throughout the week, with the children using a range of skills, knowledge and vocabulary in their lessons. We have fantastic new displays in our corridors, show casing the learning from maths week.

During the week, pupils also took part in the 'London Rocks' Times Tables Rockstars competition to see which class and individuals knew their times tables the best. A huge well done to Year 3 who were first and Year 2 who came second!

A few quotes from the children:

“The artist we had a look at was Paul Klee. I made a castle and only made it using shapes. I used a ruler to make my lines straight.” – E. Y4

“I thought it was really fun how we mixed maths and art.” – T. Y3

“I’ve enjoyed doing the Picasso art because I liked drawing faces with different shapes.” – E. Y3


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