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Rimon Weekly

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Year 4 Chaggigat Chumash

6th December 2022

Last week the year 4 pupils had their Chagigat Chumash and they worked hard to perfect the play and the results were incredible. Part of their success can be attributed to the commitment to practise as explained by Sophia in year 4,“ I was very happy with my part because I had two parts and they were very dramatic, I like drama.” explained Sophia. Miss Lewin worked so hard and the pupils really appreciated this! Congratulations on the year 4s absolutely amazing play. Thank you Ms Lewin for working so hard on this play. “I really appreciate how my teacher tried to make all the roles equal even if there are big and small parts.” explained Izzy who has Miss Lewin as a teacher. Mazel Tov year 4!

By Kitty and Saffron Year 5

SEED Havdalah junk orchestra on Motzei Shabbat:

Quotes from Year 4:

Zac - I thought the music was really good. It was quite clever how he added instrument sounds as he went along and the instruments were made out of junk.

Lulu- I didn't like it, I loved it!

Millie- I loved being in the Shul with all my friends and teachers and dancing in the dark with the glow sticks. I liked making music with things that you would think are old junk but can make really creative sounds.

Teddy- I loved it because it was so creative how he made the instruments out of junk and we got to play them. It was an amazing experience.

Emmy- I liked how we were able to swap around and play different instruments.

Year 4 trip to pack food bags at the GIFT hub:

Sarah D- I loved when we went to GIFT because it was fun packing food and I liked making a poster for my own charity that I would make with Harel and Lulu. I did a big mitzvah and It was fun.

Arielle F- It was really fun packing up foods for people who need it. The thing I liked best was making up our own charity and making a poster about it.

Year 6 trip to sing at SAGE:

Joely- It was really nice to see how we made some of the residents happy when we sang for them.

Isabella- I had fun going to SAGE to sing for the residents there.

Visit from the London Assembly Members

By Saffron and Kitty

This week we had a visit from the London Assembly Members, who were very intrigued by everyone's work on display and liked our excellent handwriting and the fact that we all collaborated so well!

On the tour there were visitors who thought that the security of the school was of a very high level. They thought having security guards at the gates of the park was very safe.

Mrs Simmons and us, The Rimon Weekly Reporters showed the visitors around the school including Classrooms, students work, the nurture room, the vegetable garden , the reception area and so much more.

Mrs Simmons explained that her office was open to everyone and any of us who might be feeling a bit under the weather. She would let us sit there and read a book or do some colouring and after that would have a chat.

They were all such lovely and positive visitors to have in our school!

Black History Month at Rimon

By Jonah


This month, all year groups learnt and did activities on Black History Month, a global celebration to learn and recognise black history and all its important figures, such as Martin Luther King jr, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. In one of our Key Stage 2 assemblies, led by Mrs Cohen, we also focused on more modern black people, such as Mo Farah, Stormzy and Karl Nova, a poet. Year 3 made ambition poems inspired by him. Meanwhile, Year 2 did a unit all about Rosa Parks, the American woman who was prepared to risk her own safety for what she believed in.

‘It’s important that we learn and remember about the black people of the past,’ quotes Freddie, a Year 3 student. ‘We are all human, even if we may look different outside.’

He is not just speaking for himself, but for the entire school. We believe that Black lives are no different from white, and that we are all the same on the inside.

The Running tournament

By Jonah


On Tuesday last week, around 15 children chosen from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in an Inter-School Barnet cross-country run. They left school excited yet nervous for the challenge ahead and journeyed to Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre, and ran with dozens of children from other schools. The run was just under a mile long, and was greeted with the greatest enthusiasm from all the children taking part. I gathered the voices of a couple of children who participated.

‘Adrenaline was pumping through my veins prior to the race,’ said Theo,

Year 6.

Out of all the runners, Rimon managed to get several top ten runners. Rocky, who came first in the Year 5 boys race, and gave us an insight on the run.

‘It was an epic experience,’ he said. ‘Granted, I was nervous and a bit scared, however those feelings turned upside down as the race began. After around a quarter of the way, I wasn’t scared any more. I was exhilarated and elated for the rest of the way. However, near the end of the track I was doubtful that I would win, but I was jubilant and overjoyed when I won.’

Top Tips for the Chagim

By Jonah and Jesse


As we leave Rosh Hashanah for the year and head into Yom Kippur and the rest of the festivals, The Rimon Weekly would like to share 5 top tips to give you a hand.

1) You can never cook meals too early!

Whether you are hosting guests or just cooking for yourself and your family, whether you are having a 5 course meal or even just a bowl of pasta, it is important that you aren’t leaving the preparations to the last minute. You can never be too early to cook.

2) Friends and family bring the word ‘Chagim’ to ‘Chagim!’

Sukkot, Yom Kippur and all the other holidays in this season don't work if you can’t celebrate them without someone you love and care about.

3) Contact Hashem!

These Chagim are the perfect time to talk to Hashem, have a little chat, but that doesn’t mean that you can only give thanks. You can also praise him and ask him things. Whatever you want!

4) Take a Nature break!

The Chagim can be very stressful, especially if you are sitting in Shul for a long time. The best way to take a break is through Nature. It’s also a great way to start the new Jewish year.

5) The Chagim season is not complete if you don’t have one key Ingredient: fun!

The idea of the Chagim is not to stress you out, not to worry you and not to give you a hard time. So take it easy; enjoy yourself! Have fun!

If you keep to these 5 rules, we can guarantee you a happy, healthy Chagim season!

The Queen’s Funeral


This Monday, thousands of people came to London to see the funeral of our late Queen. We will be telling you what our school has been doing to celebrate and remember the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Last Friday, we had an assembly on the Queen’s life. Each class made a powerpoint about different parts of the Queen’s life, and about the roles that the Queen took over when she became the ruler of our country.

The power-points were all very informative, and for many people it was an insight into how much the Queen really did for us. Unfortunately Year 5 only had time to read about half of their presentation, and Year 6 did not have time to read any of theirs. However, there was another assembly on Wednesday where Year 5 and 6 were able to read their presentations.

Although nobody was at school on the day of the Queen’s funeral many people decided to celebrate it in other ways. Ariella, Year 4, told us, “when we heard the Queen died we decided to make a collage of the Queen’s crown.”

The whole school has made sure that we remember her and preserve her legacy. She was a wonderful woman and we intend to remember that.

Rimon`s Whole School Book: Journey

By Saffron and Kitty


This week in Rimon, the whole school has been doing a project on a non dialogue book called Journey, by Arron Becker.

“It's very inspirational and imaginative,” said Ori in Year 5. Even if Year 6 are doing a letter and Year 3 are doing writing and Year 5 are doing art it doesn't matter what project we get; it’s always fun

Journey is such an inspirational and amazing book and we all think he is a wonderful artist. He is great at expressing the story through his art.

It takes really creative teacher’s to think of so many ideas, especially one or 2 for each class. So before we end this week's Rimon weekly we would like to thank….

Mrs Cohen!

Jeans for Genes Day

By Saffron and Kitty


This Tuesday in Rimon everyone donated £1 or more to the jeans for genes charity.

It's a really great charity because it helps people with genetic dis-orders.

Being educated about Genetic Disorders helps us to gather knowledge and not stare if we see someone different to ourselves.

If people in our school had a genetic disorder we would treat them just like anyone else like they should be because we are all different in our own special way.

“It's important to recognize that everyone is different and never in a bad way,” said Jonah in year 6 .If you had a genetics disorder you wouldn't want to have been treated differently from anyone else so only treat people the way you want to be treated.

The charity Genetics is giving all of this brilliant help to people who need it so a big thanks to them for all of this amazing charity.

Thanks for reading our Rimon Weekly

After and Before-School Clubs Start again

By Jesse And Jonah

As the second week of school begins, regular after and before school clubs have begun. Almost every day has something to offer, varying from a running club on Tuesday morning, to Ballet on Thursday.

Many of these clubs were regulars last year, however Rimon Weekly are pleased to introduce a fencing club, now taking place on a Wednesday before school at 7:45. It is fun and is a good way to get yourself awake and prepared for the day ahead.

Running club on Tuesday morning has also begun, still being led by our own headteacher, Mrs Simmons. This is free, and anyone from Year 2 to Year 6 who wishes to is more than welcome to participate in our weekly run around Child’s Hill park.

Yoga is another wonderful after school club. It is available to all year groups, and is a great chance to unwind from the day. Run by a member of the PTA, this group can vary from monday to friday, depending on your year group. Yoga mats are necessary, however if a student does not come with one then the teacher is more than willing to provide them with one.

Football club is yet another after school club that is run by a Rimon parent. Again it varies on the day, however it is always after school, and takes place again in Child’s hill.

These are just a few of the many wonderful clubs. Others include Krav Maga, Chess, reading groups run by a member of the Golders Green community for Year 6 and so many more. If you are interested in one of these groups, contact the school via its website.

Second Week at School

By Jesse, Jonah, Saffron, and Kitty

As the second week of school draws to a close, Rimon Weekly reporters Saffron and Kitty, Year 5, and Jesse and Jonah, Year 6, caught up with some students and asked their thoughts on being back at school.

Year 3, who is now being taught by Mrs Cohen, gave us an insight into their first week.

Adi told us “She is kind and helpful, and always manages to provide us with fun activities.’’

Year 5 also shared their views. “I was nervous about what it would be like, but I found out that there was nothing to be afraid of,” said Lucy, from Year 5.

We also had great feedback from two Year 6 pupils. “I really like English and Maths because it is very straightforward,” says Julia.

Ella also said, “I really like Mrs Bernstein and Mr Chakraborti.’’

Coming up from Reception, Rimon’s new Year 1 class shared their thoughts about being back at school.

“I am really happy to be back at school and see my friends and I am excited to be doing science because I’ve not done it before,” says Jonah, (Year 1).

Alice said to us, “I really like Ms Kopman, Ms Benouaich, and Ms Lewin because they make fun lessons. I was scared before I went into school but now I am not.”

Our new Year 2 class were really excited to tell us their thoughts.

Hannah said to us, “I really liked my first week of school because on our first day I read with Ms Buca and she told me I need to read one more book before I go on to stage 5. Before school started I was both excited and scared, but now I’m only excited.”

Gabriella told us, “I like Ms Oberlander loads because she teaches us music and other subjects and I really like music. I think she’s amazing at turning normal lessons into really fun ones, and she’s also really good at teaching us things.”

As you can see, everybody, no matter what class, is really happy to be back at school.


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