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Safer Internet Day 2022

Tuesday 9 February was Safer Internet Day in the UK and Rimon pupils took part in assemblies, lessons and activities throughout the day.

Each year there is a different theme to the day. This year's theme was staying safe online while playing games. The children learned how to spot signs of unsafe behaviour when playing games, how to keep their logins protected, who to go to if they have seen something that upsets them and thinking of top tips of how to treat eachother with kindness even when the game is going against them.

Head Teacher, Sarah Simmons, commented:

"With our lives being ever more intertwined with online worlds (including gamified worlds for children such as Fortnite and Roblox) which centre around communications with an online community, it was really impressive to see the children discussing their online lives with maturity and thoughtfulness".

Here are some comments from the children about the day:

"I think it was really useful because I go online alot and I go on my Mum's phone and I don't know if I should open things"

"I enjoyed doing Safer Internet Day because if something happens to me then I know what to do"

"It was helpful to learn how to go onto my device in a safer way"

"I learned that once something is on the internet, it can't be taken off"

"If anyone speaks to me who I do not know, I know to not reply and to ask an adult to block them"


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