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Science Week 2022

Rimon children celebrated British Science Week by focusing on the theme of 'Growth'.

All years were involved and hugely enthusiastic about all they learned - they planted spring onions, made slime, drew portraits of eachother, looked at optical illusions and more.

A huge highlight was a visit by Highgate School science teacher, Dr Szydlo, who wowed the children with explosive experiments.

"I really enjoyed the balloon that dissolved and then inflated again" Freddie, Year 2

"I loved the rainbow water" Yael, Reception

"I enjoyed when there was water in the air and it turned into steam" Lev, Year 1

"I liked the silent bubbles experiment" Emilie, Year 6

"I liked when he turned the water into different colours" Josh, Year 5

It was fascinating to see so many explosions and it really inspired me" Izzy Year 3


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