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The Athlete Event

Updated: May 24, 2022

"On Wednesday, a GB slalom canoeist called Eilidh Gibson came into school. First, Year 1-6 did multiple exercises in the hall. Then there was an assembly, where Eilidh told us about her life and her journey to becoming a slalom canoeist.

Personally, although I didn’t have high hopes about it, I thought the exercises were a fun experience. When walking into the hall, you instantly felt joyful: songs were playing, people were chanting for their classes and happiness was heard everywhere.

The lesson I learnt in the assembly was, if you want to do something, then you can always achieve it if you push yourself. Eilidh showed this because she wanted to be a slalom canoeist, committed to the training and when she tried as hard as she could, her dream came true."

By Student in Year 5

"I felt happy because people were cheering for their year groups but a little embarrassed because people were watching me. When we were lining up to go back to class, I was tired from doing the exercise but it was fun."

By Student


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