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Y2 Trip To The Tower of London, May 2022

Quotes from Y2 Pupils:

" I enjoyed yesterday's trip, because when we saw the Crown Jewels, they were so sparkly, I had to squint my eyes to see them properly! It was very cool because I don't even know how they were made, they are just so shiny. There was King's armour, and swords. I even saw King Henry VIII riding on a horse in his armour, well, it was his armour on a horse which was made from metal. It was amazing!!"

"My top moment was when we saw all the jewels and crowns, because it is really interesting to see the types of crowns available, there are crowns that are big and there are crowns that are small. I would recommend going to the Tower of London because it is a really interesting place, you learn how they took down the Great Fire of London and made it stop spreading."


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